Digital Designer for Startups

Upfront & Clear
Payment terms

If you would like to hire me, that's fantastic and I can't wait to get started. However before we get stuck in please read the below points so that we are both clear about payment terms & details.

My Rates
8 hours a day: $640
20 hours a week: $1600
40 hours a week: $3000
80 hours a month: $6000

Time Allocation
To ensure full dedication & focus on your project all hours must be used during the time range mentioned (eg all 20 hours used within that same 1 week). No hours are carried over if not enough work is supplied. This stops any projects overlapping/being double-booked.

Work will not begin until payment has been received. All rates are in USD. I will invoice you in USD via Stripe which can be paid for via card.

All work I create where my time has been paid for in full is owned by you, the client.

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